Writing is a beam of light in this dark year

I always feel better when I hear other people say it, so I’m going to say it too. I am not okay right now, and this endless quarantine, fear of illness and death for myself and loved ones, and political upheaval is freaking hard!

Besides exercise and music, writing has been a bright spot of joy for me. When there’s no physical places to go, my mind takes me to other worlds, where there are adventures, magic, darkness, and bravery.

The reason I started writing was because of the sadness I get at the end of every novel I read. I can only sit in that world for the two to four days I’m reading it, then the pages run out, and it’s over.

Endings are the WORST.

But when I’m writing, my worlds are endless, and for months, even years at a time, they’re mine to explore.

I have two small children, I’m attempting to homeschool, and I’m querying, which I’ve heard is normally emotionally draining, but it’s all pretty damn hard during a pandemic in a high risk household.

I’m hoping in the future when my life turns dark and stressful, I can laugh and say, at least these things aren’t happening in the middle of political upheaval, months of endless loneliness, caring for bored and lonely young children, and a deadly pandemic. This is nothing compared to 2020, I’ll say.

So reader, whatever you’re feeling right now, however the pandemic is hurting you, you’re not alone!

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